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Your home is your castle. And to get the enjoyment and relaxation out of your North Carolina home you need a property that’s 100% yours. A place that’s not built to deliver value or profitability for a property developer, but a place that’s specifically suited to your exact needs. A custom home may seem like a pipe dream to many. But you may be surprised to learn just how easy and affordable it is to make that dream come true. 


If you have bought a plot of land in Outerbanks, North Carolina are of Corolla you’re just a few steps away from the home of your dreams when you reach out to Todd Coyle Construction.

What Our Clients and Partners are Saying

LOVE LOVE MY HOUSE. built a house about 3 years ago and its beautiful, love everything from the trim to the floor. amazing process and move in ready. definitely recommend going to todd, for his many resources and the effort he puts into helping u make your house look beautiful.

Annie Layne


The benefits of a custom home

Moving into a ready-built home may be nice and convenient. But even when you own your own place, you may not feel as though it’s well and truly yours. 


It can be hard to fit your tastes and preferences around the template that’s set by what’s easy and profitable for the developer of your building. A custom home, however, allows you to create a home that’s well and truly yours and built in accordance with your exact needs and specifications.


It can help you to get the most out of your Outer Banks plot and ensure that not a square foot of your Corolla land is wasted. Furthermore, you can ensure that energy savings and ecological efficiency are built into the fabric of your home so that it’s easier than ever for your household to reduce its carbon and energy footprint. 


What’s more, because you have complete autonomy over the style, finish and materials you use, so that you can get the perfect aesthetic for your home while also ensuring excellent value for money.

Why choose a custom home builder?

A custom Corolla home can be a wonderful place to spend your life. But building it can become logistically complex, especially if you have a motley crew of different contractors all handling different aspects of the construction. 


A custom Corolla home builder, however, takes full control of the construction, ensuring that the construction is efficient, harmonious and cost-effective. Choose Todd Coyle Construction to build your custom home in Corolla, North Carolina.  

Why choose Todd Coyle Construction?

With years of designing and building luxurious exclusive custom homes, TCC are perfectly placed to handle all of your Corolla custom home construction needs. We are highly experienced and, of course, fully NC & NASCLA licenced and insured so that you can enjoy complete peace of mind from the moment that ground is first broken. We will work collaboratively with you and bring our years of experience to bear on creating the home of your dreams.


Take a look at our work and take a moment to think about how we can bring our skills to bear on making your dream come true. 


Want to know more? Get in touch today

It’s time to make your dream of owning a custom home a reality. Get in touch with us today. We can’t wait to start working with you. 

Todd Coyle:

Robert Mooty:

Pam Belledin:

Todd: 252.455.0534

Robert: 252.473.7021

Office: 252.261.9728

Fax: 252.261.3337

PO Box 1094

4601 N. Croatan Hwy

Kitty Hawk, NC


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